Exploring the legend of the Queen Mary

We traveled aboard the allegedly haunted ship to further investigate these stories

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Exploring the legend of the Queen Mary

Artwork by Maya Markowicz

Artwork by Maya Markowicz

Artwork by Maya Markowicz

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Jacqueline “Jackie” Torin never left the RMS Queen Mary. Her lungs filled with water and her mind went slack as she landed into the second class swimming pool and drowned. Jackie was never able to leave the RMS Queen Mary, however, we were able to on March 31.

Jackie was one of the many passengers who died aboard the Queen Mary.

Over the decades of Queen Mary’s reign, guests have reportedly had blankets tugged off of them in their sleep, heard little girls giggling and dead crewman yelling for help. How truthful are these stories? We decided to see for ourselves.

As we entered the ship, we caught the 1930’s vibe, despite the floors being newly laminated. The tables were layered with plants and merchandise, and the long halls had dimmed lights and carpet you would find in your grandmother’s house. The walls, too, were riddled with plenty of black-and-white photographs of crewman and celebrities.

To get a better idea of what we were getting ourselves into, we introduced ourselves to the tour guides in a small closeted room layered with red carpets and recently shined walls. Yet, the tour guides seemed to be more scared of two high school journalists than ghosts. When asked about the hauntings, tour guide Kate Watson kept glancing over to the two other tour guides in the room with questioning eyes — she was given four thumbs up from them between every answer.

“I guess you just have to trust us,” Watson said. “See if you can find any evidence for yourself — make your own decisions.”

We went on the two-hour long Paranormal Tour. We were concerned that if we heard any sounds or saw anything strange, it would be through speakers or special effects. Watson explained that this would not be the case.

“Because we’re not really allowed to change anything about the ship because it’s historical, there wouldn’t really be a way to install speakers throughout the ship without getting in trouble with the historical society,” Watson said. “If you go to the boiler rooms, you will see some speakers, but those are left over from a special effects tour.”

And then the tour began.

Tour guide Scott Green had a hint of an Irish accent and a quirky sense of humor. He led the guests to inside the narrow bow of the ship and gave brief rules about cameras and recordings, which were permitted and actually encouraged.

“We have evil people who come on board who think they’re amazing people: Yes, I’m talking about the horrible YouTubers,” Green said. “They come on board and they alter our stories and change everything they’re told just to get more subscribers … I’m talking about horrible Shane Dawson and his crew.”

YouTuber Shane Dawson recently passed 21.5 million subscribers. Dawson and his film crew uploaded a video to his channel on Feb. 20, 2018, titled “GHOST HUNTING IN A HAUNTED SHIP.” In the video, Dawson repeatedly mislabeled the ship the Titanic.

“He comes on board and expects the royal Hollywood treatment,” Green said. “He tried to demand us to get into the pool. I lose my job [if] I go in there.”

The tour went through the most haunted places on the ship. including the boiler room, the second class swimming pool, and Door 13. We didn’t come into any contact with spirits or experience any major hauntings, but we both felt uneasy once in the boiler room. The dark, open space was musty and warm, and made us squirm.

Honestly, our questions about the Queen Mary hauntings were left unanswered. So our hypothesis remains inconclusive. We were fortunate to go about the RMS Queen Mary, but we still would like to know whether or not these ghost stories are true.

“You have to trust [us] …” Green said. “I am not here to convince you that ghosts are real. I am not here to tell you that these are all factual stories, but I am here to report what was reported to us — to the ship and so that’s what we’re sharing with you.”

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