Badminton tournament held as part of rally lead-up

Two seniors win intramural badminton tournament

A single-elimination badminton tournament was held in the OPHS gym on April 30 and May 1, to help raise school spirit and take students’ minds off of approaching tests.

Won by OPHS seniors Max Prushan and Quinn Matulis, the tournament was organized by ASB as a part of the rally week’s festivities. Preparation for the tournament started earlier in April.

“It takes two weeks to get sign-ups for the tournaments,” lead tournament organizer and senior Cade Creason said. “We had 20 or more teams sign up for our tournament this time.”

The tournament was single-elimination, so teams had to win each of their games to advance to the next round. Losing a game meant they were permanently out of the tournament.

“The tournament was organized by a bracket over two days, leaving the second day for semifinals and the final game to determine the winner,” Creason said.

The tournament was held not only for students at the high school, but also to get middle school students excited about attending OPHS.

“We decided to do a badminton tournament because students from Medea get super excited about it,” Creason said.

The games also had an audience, with student spectators coming into the gym during lunch to watch the tournament.

“I had a good time, and it was cool to have everyone watching in the gym,” Matulis said.

Additionally, the winners of the tournament received a cash prize of $70.

“I signed up because I wanted to win some money, and Quinn and I wanted to beat our friends, Shane [Vosberg] and Justin [Stone],” Prushan said.

Overall, Creason believes the tournament was a success. The tournament ran smoothly, and everything went according to plan.

“The event becomes a success when we are prepared, have everyone helping lead the event and just have a good time,” Creason said.