Athlete of the Week: Matt Mori

Oak Park High School varsity football player Matt Mori was named Athlete of the Week for Nov. 4. According to Head Coach Casey Webb, Mori was nominated because he “had 90 yards rushing and has continued to be a workhorse for the now 10-0 football team.”

Mori has been playing football for 10 years with various teams, including the Simi Valley Patriots, Agoura Chargers and OPHS Eagles. Mori describes his time with the Eagles as a “rollercoaster.”

“[I went from not being] sure if I wanted to keep playing football throughout high school, and then meeting new people, coaches, and they just motivated me to keep playing and got me to where I am today,” Mori said.

Mori hopes to play football in college, as well and attend a Division 1 school. Currently, a couple of Division 3 schools have expressed interest in him, including California Lutheran University.

“I really want to go to a division one [school] … but if I were to choose a D3 school, it would probably be CLU,” Mori said.

Mori described football as “a great teacher” for “kindness, organization [and other] life lessons.”

“I was excited, but there are 30 other kids that are equally deserving of that spot. I stay humble and realize that in a team sport there is no limelight,” Mori said.