Artist of the Week: Courtney Collins

Collins creates ocean inspired art

The Artist of the Week for the week of Nov. 11 is senior Courtney Collins.

Collins is in AP Studio Art: 3-D design whose resin pieces are often colorful, experimental and innovative. This is her third year as a student in the 3-D design classes.

“I wanted to make something that looked like the ocean,” said Collins.

Her piece mimics waves crashing on a shore in an abstract way, using colors not typically found on beaches, using resin, acrylic paint and glass.

“I was inspired by the resin we have in class,” said Collins. The translucency of the material allows it to be illuminated by a light source that would otherwise not be possible if done in other mediums.

“It’s cool to see different things starting to happen in this classroom and new students coming through like Courtney who are diligent and on task and experimental,” said 3-D design teacher Ian Fullmer about Collins’s work.

Fullmer promotes experimentation and the creative process in his classes. Collins exemplifies both of these qualities, which is why she was nominated as this week’s Artist of the Week.