Athlete of the Week: Julia Broms

Senior Julia Broms began her basketball career in the third grade on a youth team. In seventh grade, she began to play on local travel teams, such as Cal Storm and Troop West. During this time, she traveled across the country for tournaments.

“During my high school career especially, basketball has been my world,” Broms wrote to the Talon. “Playing the sport year-round, I have been able to make tons of connections and create so many memories. Basketball has taught me the value of hard work and dedication and created many friendships along the way.”

Broms believes that basketball has “helped [her] find [her] voice.” Since coming into the program as a timid freshman, Broms has evolved into a much more confident senior.

“I have grown into the person and player I was meant to be, and I’m not afraid to lead both on and off the court,” Broms wrote.

This past week, Broms reached a personal milestone – 1000 points scored total. Earlier this season, she also reached a record of 1000 rebounds total. She defines both as large accomplishments for her and appreciates her coach for recognizing and honoring them.

“I have always had a really strong post game, but over the years I think I have become a better ball handler and perimeter player as well. However, there is always room for improvement, and I am eager to grow and improve my game,” Broms wrote.