Junior Lilly Fuller spreads awareness for blood cancers

Team Kiss Cancer Goodbye raise is ready to kiss cancer goodbye

Kiss Cancer Goodbye, a 12 person team put together by junior Lilly Fuller, are working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise money toward researching the cure for blood cancer. Fuller’s goal is to raise $100 thousand by March 6, when the campaign will end.

The LLS is the nation’s largest blood cancer research organization and the nation’s second-largest cancer research organization. Much of the research from this organization also helps many other cancer treatments. The LLS has three main branches: research, patient support and policy advocacy.

“[LLS has] a free hotline for all blood cancer patients, caregivers, families and anyone who is affected, so they can ask any kind of questions and get information that they need,” Fuller said. “A lot of times people don’t know much about blood cancer or treatment options, or long-term effects.”

Fuller is working alongside fellow high school students, each with a set goal of money that should be raised. She was nominated by the Nomination Outreach Committee to be a candidate for this program because of her previous work with another candidate. The program is a philanthropic leadership development program where students compete against other students in the Greater Los Angeles Area to raise the most amount of money.

“[The] Student of the Year campaign is a seven-week competition for high school students to fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,” junior and team member Chase Willet said. “The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to research for cures to blood cancer.”

Fuller and her team members have put a lot of work into raising money, talking to large organizations and sending emails to corporations. On Jan. 16, Fuller’s group participated in a “Midnight Madness Campaign” where they sent 100 emails to get their message out in hopes of getting more donations.

“I’ve learned a lot more about different blood cancers, and it’s also helped me a lot with business deals,” junior and team member Noa Sunshine said. “I’ve had to reach out for sponsorships and email a bunch of big companies.”

During first semester, Fuller worked on her campaign in Jennifer Hankins English III Honors class as part of a class project. Hankins is very proud of Fuller for all of her dedication to this project. Fuller has won small awards including the “Hall of Fame” for working with her campaign team.

English teacher Jennifer Hankins commented on Fuller’s “tremendous work ethic, caring attitude and passion for the cause.”

“I first became aware of her dedication to the LLS when she chose to focus on it for her Journey Project in English III Honors,” Hankins said. “When she did the culminating presentation for the Journey Project on her work for the organization, it was clear how driven and passionate she feels about her service.”

Fuller is very excited about all of the progress that she and her team have made so far. She hopes to reach her goal, and even go past it. If anyone is interested in getting involved or donating she is happy to talk. More info can be found on her Instagram, @lillyfuller_, including the link to her website in her bio. To go to her website click here.

“It’s a really long process, and you learn a lot. You hear no a lot, but you also hear yes, and that’s the great part,” Fuller said. “It’s really fun, and we get to put together fundraisers and [a] website where people can donate.”