Variety – the key word this March in film


This March offers some curious and varied choices for the average moviegoer. Unfortunately for some, among them are not action-packed superhero films or tense, Academy Award-winning gems. Instead, one might find a couple of diamonds in the rough in the form of a princess, an uprising and even Adam Sandler.

The first film coming into theaters this March is the highly anticipated “Cinderella,” a remake of the 1950 classic animated film. The film stars Lily Allen as Cinderella, the dejected yet hopeful soon-to-be princess, with Cate Blanchet and Helena Bonham Carter taking on the evil stepmother and the fairy godmother respectively. Kenneth Branagh of “Hamlet” and “Thor” fame directs. Fans of not just Cinderella might be attracted to the film, as the creators behind the popular film “Frozen” are set to release a brief short film called “Frozen Fever” before the feature presentation. This short film will mark the second time that the “Frozen” characters have taken the silver screen since their 2013 film. The PG-rated Disney live-action film, along with the animated short film, released March 13.

Another highly anticipated film, following the success of its predecessor “Divergent,” is Summit Entertainment’s “The Divergent Series: Insurgent.” Starring Shailene Woodley, from the heart-wrenching “The Fault in Our Stars,” and Theo James as the film’s heartthrob, the film continues the story that “Divergent” began, as Woodley’s character searches for answers while running from those that created her. The film, based on Veronica Roth’s popular novel series, is hot off the coattails of the widely successful “Divergent” film, which grossed $260 million world-wide. The PG-13 live-action film is set to release March 20.

One film that seems to be a curious yet welcome entry into such a varied selection of films is Adam Sandler’s “The Cobbler.” The film follows Max (Sandler), a New York cobbler who has quite literally found a way to see the world through another man’s shoes, through the discovery of a magical item. This item gives Max the ability to not just repair men’s shoes, but also to improve the men’s lives in a magical way. While Sandler’s repertoire of films have a reputation for performing poorly in not only the box office but also critically, the film has quite a bit of pressure on its shoulders with its eager release. Also starring in the film alongside Sandler is Steve Buscemi and the Method Man. The live-action PG-13 film released March 13.

Other hot-item films are also circulating this month, with the anticipated “Chappie” and
“Unfinished Business” released March 6, and with the animated film “Home” and the Kevin Hart/Will Ferrell film “Get Hard” releasing March 27. Variety, not blockbuster, is the key word this month, and this variety may lure in moviegoers after all.