Spring CIF meeting held to discuss future of COVID-19 and high school sports

Spring and Fall sports end dates, further information released 

The CIF held a meeting with the California Department of Public Health to discuss the future of fall sports on Jan. 19. 

This meeting was expected to bring new information to light about the future of high school sports during the pandemic. It came after the CIF made a few statements on the pandemic and the state of high school sports this year. 

The CIF published a document on Jan. 5 about the severity of COVID-19 in counties across the state and what sports could be played during each varying level of severity of the virus. 

In Ventura County, where Oak Park sports are based, the county is in the widespread tier. The widespread tier means only cross country, golf, skiing/snowboarding, swimming, diving, tennis and track are able to be played. Oak Park only participates in four of the listed sports which are cross country, track, tennis and golf. 

“I am hoping to have information pertaining to a return to competitions at that point. With each passing day, the window for a return is getting tighter.” Oak Park High School Athletic Director Tim Chevalier said. 

Most start dates for competitions still have not been announced and have been pushed back for months by the CIF, with the exception of cross country which had a competition on Feb. 18. 

During the meeting, CIF announced that there would be no playoffs or championships for football this year. This goes for all fall sports under CIF regulation. This is only closing the window of fall sports which has been pushed back for months now. 

The CIF announced end dates for multiple sporting seasons after the meeting. For cross country the end date will be March 27, football will end on April 17 and girls’ volleyball will end on March 20. 

Football practice and play cannot begin until Ventura County’s COVID-19 tier has reached the orange status. The CIF has made it clear that the end date is official and it is unlikely that it would be moved further. 

“We’re ready for sports at a moment’s notice. However we have a ways to go as a society before youth sports will be allowed to open. Please do your part; stay home when possible and wear a mask when you must go out,” Chevalier said.