Stakeholders give views in superintendent search

Results from an OPUSD community survey inform next decisions

Key words in response to the question: “What do you see as the strengths of the district?” (Oliver Carter / Talon)

As the search for a new superintendent continues, hundreds of local stakeholders were recently surveyed on their thoughts. Stakeholders such as parents, teachers and students were invited to share their input from Jan. 13 to Feb. 2 through an online form. Participants were asked about Oak Park Unified School District’s current leadership process and characteristics they wish to see in a future superintendent. 

The OPUSD District Board of Trustees worked alongside consultants from Leadership Associates to distribute the survey. In a StudentSquare blast, Board President Allen Rosen stated that the results will be used to “develop a candidate profile,” which will help determine “how well each candidate aligns with the district’s desired characteristics.”

The 862 participants were first asked to choose what category best fit their role as stakeholder in the search. The majority of respondents were parents, providing about 60% of the total data. Students, community members and teachers also made up a significant portion, respectively earning roughly 20%, 17%, and 15%. 


The survey also questioned the participants about what they believed would be the major challenges for a new superintendent. The top two results were reopening schools and COVID-19, while academic pressure and competitiveness followed close behind. Out of 862 survey participants, 520 did not answer this question. 


One of the last questions on the survey asked participants to rank qualities in a superintendent from 1-8. A ranking of 1 represented that the specified quality was most important, and a ranking of 8 represented least important.

According to the results, the quality of having a proven track record of growing academic achievement for students was voted the most important with 105 votes, while experience in management of school facilities was voted least important at 127 votes.


In mid-March, the Board will receive and review candidate applications. Interviews will be conducted on Zoom and will likely occur during the last week of March. By mid-April, the Board hopes to choose the new superintendent.  

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank all who participated in the stakeholder input sessions and the survey,” Rosen wrote in the Blast. “The Board is committed to the search for the next Superintendent of Oak Park Unified School District.”