Podcast: How COVID-19 has affected senior athletes


Angie Bleau, Senior Staff Writer: Hi I am Angie Bleau and along with me is Haley Bandemer and Alexa Piñon. Today we are talking about how seniors potentially do not have their fall season due to COVID-19 and how it has affected them. We will be hearing from seniors Lauren Nicholson and Richard Russillo. 

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REPORTER- Piñon: Today will be talking to Lauren Nicholson in about how she feels about not having her normal cross-country season this year or and how is it felt not having a normal cross country season

SOURCE 1- Lauren Nicholson:  I mean to be honest it’s kind of been all over the place, starting off with practices only twice a week mostly Captain lead and then transitioning pretty abruptly  to you do full force 6 days a week training for races it’s been crazy for sure but we’re super thankful that we have the opportunity to race 

REPORTER- Piñon:  Yeah, definitely is there anything that you wish was like normal adult hard not seeing things the way they maybe were last year or two years prior because this is your senior year and you don’t get that lost your final opportunity to have your team all together for sure

SOURCE 1- Lauren Nicholson: I mean send numbers to go down pretty drastically and being one of the only seniors on the team kind of sucks not going to lie so I really wish that I had my other senior classmates with me just running for this last season but other than that yeah just running in races at full size you know I’m does Invitational needs her no longer possible with upwards of 200 people and now we’re just racing against one school which definitely makes things harder but it’s something so we’ll work with it. 

REPORTER- Piñon: Being a captain has it been hard leading the team and helping the girls with their motivation and keeping your own motivation as well

SOURCE 1- Lauren Nicholson: For sure I mean captains rolls and everything has become a lot larger this year I’d save just because of the cats and led practices and having to coordinate those every week and ask her motivation even myself I’ve definitely been lacking just not even knowing if you’ll have a season you know we’ve been training for 10 months and we just finally found out that we have the chance to race and so before we knew this was going to happen it was definitely hard to keep going and wanting to train and just being strict with yourself on it but now that we have the chance it’s definitely gotten better.

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REPORTER- Bandemer: With me here is Senior football player RIchard Russillo, so how has not having a normal season affected you as a senior?

SOURCE 2- RIchard Russillo: Not having a football season for my senior year or potentially not having a football season for my senior year is it definitely sounds like a bummer but right now we’re still practicing Tuesdays and Thursdays and we are still putting in work at the field, in hopes that we might actually end up getting a season so right now we’re keeping our heads up and we’re making sure that we’re doing everything we possibly can to have a good season if one eventually pops up, and yeah we are keeping it a positive mindset, positive attitude and all the seniors it would be devastating if we didn’t  have a senior season, but we are enjoying playing right now, so we are loving what we are doing  and we are going to continue to do it until they tell us we can’t. 

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REPORTER- Bleau: This is Angie Bleau, Haley Bandemer, and Alexa Piñon staff writers for the Oak Park High School Talon and Thank you for listening to this segment on how COVID-19 has affected seniors fall sports season.