High Tide

Go with the flow


The Editorial Board discusses the uniquely challenging high school experience of the Class of 2021

OPHS Class of 2021 — High Tide.Though it was unforeseen, our freshman ASB representatives couldn’t have chosen a more apt name for our graduating class. Similar to how the tide is at the mercy of the moon’s gravitational pull, our class has been at the mercy of events that were out of our control. 

We were faced with a mass shooting in our community, wildfires that ravaged our neighborhoods and a global pandemic that forced us into distance learning. We are probably still unaware of the total consequences of these events, — and at times it feels absurd that us 17 and 18-year-olds have had to experience such grave matters so young — but what matters is that we, our class, our community, have overcome these circumstances.

Like the tide in the ocean, our four years have been unpredictable … but when faced with challenges, we rose to the occasion. Unlike the class of 2020, we were not faced with frenzied toilet paper raids or frantic grocery sanitization — rather, we endured a (seemingly endless) continuation of the pandemic. The “new normal” everyone had been talking about truly did seem to become normal. That’s not to say this year wasn’t uniquely challenging and tragic, but we as students should appreciate our successful efforts in adapting to pandemic-life. 

Being able to handle post-grad plans, stay connected socially and participate in extracurriculars all while pursuing our education was no small feat, and we should be proud of adapting to our “new” lifestyle. Plus, if we ever need to organize a Google Meet, unmute a mic or fix a webcam, we’ll know how to handle it. 

Though the circumstances that plagued (no pun intended) our four years of high school were tragic, we should all look to glean a positive lesson from them. The experience of not only adapting, but excelling and thriving in unideal situations has prepared us better for the real world than any AP exam. Things won’t always go our way, but that’s okay. We know how to deal with challenges. 

So, looking forward, let’s continue to go with the flow. When the future throws problems our way, let’s rise to the occasion. Our perseverance is our strength and will be with us long after throwing our caps. To what’s next, Class of 2021.