The Editorial Board, Oak Park Talon

Being that the Media are operated and produced at the discretion of students of the school, there shall exist an Editorial Board to oversee the proper execution and production of the Media.

When the Talon encounters controversial issues in terms of article publication and article processes or ethical and legal issues, it is the responsibility of the Ombudsman to convene the Editorial Board, which will discuss and decide on how to approach such issues. Additionally, when the Talon staff feels inspired to write an editorial, the Editorial Board is responsible to select the writers, write the piece and present their opinion to the Talon staff. If there is not a consensus, they are responsible for writing an additional, opposing viewpoint.

The Board will consist of the Talon adviser, ombudsman, editor(s)-in-chief, online editor(s)-in-chief, managing editor, content editors, a staff writer (J1 or club member) and an appointed qualified non-Talon member student. The J1 or club member and the qualified non-Talon member student will be appointed by the other members of the Board before the first quarterly meeting. The Editorial Board will be appointed within the first month of the school year.

The Editorial Board will have quarterly meetings (four meetings spread throughout the scholastic year) in addition to meeting when necessary in between these dates. 

  1. The Editorial Board votes on all decisions that pertain directly to the OPHS Media and their interests.
  2. No member of the Editorial Board shall have more than one vote on the board.
  3. All members of the Editorial Board are expected to know the duties of their role and must understand the consequences of not fulfilling said duties. 
  4. Appropriate outside legal advice regarding questionable content should be sought from attorneys knowledgeable in media law, such as those of the Student Press Law Center. 
  5. Final content decisions and responsibility of action on content decisions shall remain within the responsibilities and power of the student Editorial Board.
  6. The duly appointed editor(s)-in-chief and ombudsman shall interpret and enforce this editorial policy.
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