Photo Story: Awareness Week 2021

Mind Over Matter: Stronger Than You Think

Awareness Week 2021 has successfully concluded with the help of Oak Park High School’s Advanced Peer Counseling. One main difference about this year’s Awareness Week is how striking the theme is. Following a year of struggles many have never faced before, APC is reminding OPHS students that they are, in fact, stronger than they think. 

A flyer passed out for Awareness Week states the theme of ‘mind over matter’ as “refer[ring] to an individual or a group’s ability to persevere despite perceived limitations.” 

Starting on Monday, Dec. 6, and concluding on Friday, Dec. 10, lunch activities included art therapy, a hot chocolate kickback and a growth activity where students planted seeds. Additionally, educational presentations and a guided yoga session were held in G-09 and the weight room, respectively.

On the first day of Awareness  Week the new mural was unveiled. With a background of blues, greens, tans and an array of butterflies, the words “Stronger Than You Think” take center stage. The mural can be credited to APC juniors Ella Shulze, Charlotte Scott, Georgia Tribe, Aviva Medved and Justine Bolton and senior Tunga Jois. 

“Painting the mural was such a new experience for me,” Shulze wrote to Talon. “But it was very fun as I got to work with special people to create a meaningful piece of art for the school.”