Fan attendance limited at basketball games

Four family members per player allowed

Basketball fan attendance will be limited to four family members per player for the time being.

“We will be unable to have a student section at this time, we will message out if this changes in the future,” said Assistant Principal Jason Meskis in a StudentSquare message.

The change came at a time of heightened COVID cases, largely attributed to the Omicron variant. 

“Even though the county did not come up with a mandate to restrict capacity, it seemed the responsible thing to do with increasing cases and the ability to limit potential exposure,” Athletic Director Tim Chevalier said. 

Several PAC-12 schools, including UCLA, USC, and Stanford, made similar moves earlier in the month. 

“We kind of followed what the NCAA did, specifically the PAC-12,” Chevalier said. 

The situation is fluid and could change, depending on the COVID situation.

“It’s not a firm definitive thing that it’s going to be like this for the entire season or for the entire school year,” Chevalier said. “We’re going to keep monitoring what’s going on with cases and the spread of it. If we see that we’re getting to a point where the transmission rate and the number of infections seems to be leveling off, or we’re getting to a peak at that point, we could make a decision to reverse.”