Behind the scenes of EagleTV 4

The fourth installment of the 2021-2022 EagleTV was released on Mar. 10. The video continued EagleTV 3’s plot and began on the football field with senior Sofia Piolanti working through her anxiety. She ran into an ill Detective Cornick who soon died in front of her. The story continued with her and sophomore Corbin Fuchs sharing upcoming events. 

The making process starts about three weeks prior to its release date, starting with talking to ASB teacher Heidi Cissell about upcoming events and news.  

“Ms. Cissell, our teacher, gives us a list of upcoming school events and things that we need to include in the video announcements. And from there, I write [the script] out over the course of a few days,” video announcements commissioner and senior Graham Ros said.

EagleTV 4 started filming on Mar. 4-5. Sophomore Aaron Helfstein was co-commissioner of the video announcements and aided Ros with director and film taking. The cast included junior Jared Cornick, Piolanti and Fuchs. 

“We have our script. We know what we want to do, but if we have anyone [in the cast] that comes up with something funny, because they are all inherently funny people, and we think it is a good idea, we implement it on the spot,” Helfstein said. 

The week after filming was utilized by Ros for constructing the video clips together. Once made, the video went through Cissell and assistant principal Jason Meskis for final clearance. 

“[Mr. Meskis] usually has some feedback, so we change [the video] again. Then, we send it out to the teachers,” Ros said.

EagleTV 4 marks the end of an ASB journey for the seniors like Ros and Piolanti. 

“I am looking forward to what is to come, but also sad that I will not have [these people] to work with next year,” Helfstein said. 

Funny moments like tripping over cans, dancing around, getting locked inside the football field and forgetting the same line over and over have come to an end for seniors in ASB. 

“As Graham said, ‘it evokes emotion.’ I am hopeful for what is to come and I want to make everything next year and the year after as best as it can be,” Helfstein said.