Chevalier to step down as athletic director

Klamecki to take over


Mr. Chevalier and two of his favorite AP Econ students.

Tim Chevalier will be stepping down as the OPHS Athletic Director, effective for the 2022-23 school year. He has served as the athletics director for the past four school years.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time as athletic director, but one of the parts of being an athletic director is that instead of being in charge of one program, you’re in charge of 23 different programs. We have 78 coaches at Oak Park High School, so you’re managing a lot of coaches, a lot of athletes. You’re doing a lot of administrative work, a lot of other responsibilities. And also, as an athletic director, you’re pretty much on call 24/7, 365,” Chevalier said. 

Beginning next year, Chevalier will be in a predominantly teaching position, while also maintaining influence in the athletics department at OPHS. 

“I’ll teach three classes and then I’ll be in the athletics office for two periods,” Chevalier said. 

Chevalier said he was motivated to make the move in order to spend more time with his family.

“I’ve got a young family, my girls are seven and nine. As they’re doing more things – getting into sports and things like that – I want to be present for that,” Chevalier said. “I want to be able to have that flexibility. It just felt like the right time. My biggest commitment and number one priority is my family.”

Beginning next year, Oak Park Girls’ Soccer coach Katherine Klamecki will be taking his place as athletics director. 

Klamecki had already been operating in the role of assistant athletics director starting at the beginning of this year. 

“She is going to do a fantastic job. She is an excellent communicator. She’s very well organized. She is a very good leader, and a good listener,” Chevalier said.