Advanced Peer Counseling leadership retreat finally takes place

Retreat has not been able to happen since 2019 due to COVID-19


Jenny Charrett

APCers toss water balloons for a fun photo and activity

After almost 3 years, Oak Park High School’s APC program was able to go on its annual leadership retreat. Due to COVID-19, the APC leadership retreat has not taken place since 2019, before school was transferred to distance learning.

This retreat is crucial for the Advanced Peer Counselors; it allows them to learn valuable leadership skills, as well as strengthen their relationships with one another.

 “I felt the retreat was an awesome way to bond as a group and to set intentions for the year,” APC co-president Rachel Driggs wrote in an email to the Talon.

The Advanced Peer Counselors participated in activities focused on boosting their collaboration with one another.

“One of my favorite parts of the retreat was a team building activity we did where everyone stood in a rope circle with pieces of paper outside of the circle 5 feet away. We all had to work together to figure out a way to get the paper back without stepping outside of the circle,” Driggs wrote. “This activity really helped us bond as a team.” 

The retreat took place at Lawrence M. Daley Camp in Calabasas, CA, where the Advanced Peer Counselors were able to learn and practice valuable life lessons, in addition to leadership skills, in an outdoor setting.

“I was able to build stronger connections with my classmates and learn some amazing new things,” Advanced Peer Counselor Ella Homesley wrote. “In order to help other students and better our campus, I believe we must first build trust between each other.”