LeBron James shatters NBA all-time scoring record

The king claims his throne

LeBron James shatters NBA all-time scoring record

Erik Drost

Four NBA championships, four time NBA MVP, four NBA finals MVP awards, three time All-Star MVP, two Olympic gold medals and now: the NBA’s all-time scorer. 

During the Laker game on Feb. 8 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, LeBron James sank a 21-foot fade-away jumper, giving him the necessary 36 points needed to surpass the scoring record. 

“I write ‘The Man In The Arena’ on my shoe every single night from Theodore Roosevelt,” James said in a post-game interview with ESPN. “Tonight, I actually felt like I was sitting on top of the arena when that shot went in, and the roar from the crowd.”

The previous record, set by NBA hall of famer and previous Los Angeles Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, stood since Apr. 5, 1984, with 38,387 career points. 

“LeBron’s career is one of someone who planned to dominate this game,” Abdul-Jabbar said in an interview after the game. “And it’s gone for almost 20 years now. You have to give him credit for just the way he played and for the way he’s lasted and dominated. He has that indefinable essence that they called leadership.”

Heading into the matchup, the Laker only needed 36 to overtake Abdul-Jabbar. Not even needing the entire game, James hit the two-point turnaround with 10.9 seconds left in the third quarter.

With a resume as impressive as James’, fans question the future of his basketball career. Being the fourth oldest active NBA player, many suspect retirement soon; however, it is clear that even in his “old age,” James continues to impress and excel in basketball.

“The ride has been fantastic. I wanted to be myself. And if you stay true to yourself, you’ll always feel better about the outcome, win, lose or draw in life,” said James. “But it’s been great. I’m not going nowhere.”