Students Wear suits to APUSH

A group of boys wore suits to an APUSH Google Meet


Daisy Calderon/Talon

Dr. Victor Anderson holds a session on google meet with students

Amidst the closure of school for the rest of the scholastic year, Dr. Victor Anderson and the rest of his unsuspecting fourth-period class entered an AP US History Google Meet to see various boys from the class wearing suits. A group of boys, all with the desire to bring a laugh and a smile, had coordinated a class meet dressed in full suits.

It all began when Jack Fisher, “would come to class in a suit ‘just because’… [and] all of the guys in the back talked about showing up to class one day in suits and ties,” junior Jackson Finch said.

Since they were unable to wear the suits to school, they decided that the next best thing was to pursue their plans digitally.

“Ethan Rinkov and I … texted some of our friends, and we all showed up to the Google Meet in suits and ties,” Finch said.

Students in the class weren’t the only ones surprised to see their peers in suits, Anderson was just as shocked and, according to Anderson, felt “inadequately underdressed.” So, he decided to join in by, “immediately [going] to the next room and [putting] on a sports coat.”

The boys continued with their “themed days” and wore robes and tank tops the following weeks. They also aim to make it a regular occurrence.

“I think we’re gonna [try] a new one every week,” junior Liam Case said.

The real goal of these themed days is not to garner confusion, but rather to gain even the smallest of smiles in such a chaotic and confusing time.

“A little bit of laughter is exactly what we need to take our minds off of what is going on in the world right now. It can be stressful and the best we can do is comfort one another to let everyone know that it’s going to be okay. I’m happy that what we did cheered some people up,” junior Hayden Brown said.

Normalizing Google Meets is not an easy task for a student body who is used to face-to-face contact, so this group of boys is trying to add a little enjoyment in a bizarre situation.

“This has definitely been fun for all of us, and I think it’s especially great to have something to laugh at during times like these. Little occurrences like wearing a suit only to sit in front of your computer screen for half an hour do make a difference, and I’m hoping people enjoy it!” junior Jack Fisher said.