Recent uptick in outdoor activities

‘Safer at Home’ leads Oak Park Community to adventure outside for exercise

“43% of Americans ages 13+ said they’d be doing more outside actives due to COVID-19 ‘social distancing’ rules,” writer for the Civic Science Noah Brode said.

On March 19, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order: ‘Safer at Home,’ for “all individuals living in the state of California to stay home.”

For almost three weeks the community has been mandated to stay at home, which has left many people bored as they have run out of activities to do.

Newsom assured residents that they “can still take [their] kids outside, practicing common sense and social distancing. [They] can still walk [their] dog.”

As students and families alike in Oak Park are close to the trails and beaches, many have been taking the time to get out into nature.

“With a lot more time on our hands, my family has been going on hikes and bike rides all the time. Living near the Palo Comado Trail Head — my family goes hiking almost every day now,” senior Spencer Driggs said.

With this extra time and fewer options, some families feel it’s more important than ever to go outside for fresh air.

“My family and I have gone on a few walks together and I have been going on more runs alone and with my sister,” senior Vikshara Dave said.

Walks, hikes and runs are a way for people to get physically active after sitting in their homes all day, usually on the computer for school or work.

“My family has been hiking and walking a lot more than normal,” sophomore Mason Lange said. “I mean we are all cooped up inside and my mom wants us to get out of the house and that is a good way to do that.”