Wash your hands … seriously

COVID-19 is scary, but you don’t need 200 rolls of toilet paper

When you Google anything regarding COVID-19, red alert signs fill the screen with plenty of sources and information — it’s enough to scare anybody. This whole situation is definitely dangerous, and being quarantined with my dysfunctional family isn’t the best either. But there are two ridiculous extremes to this entire situation: those who have underreacted, and those who have overreacted. 

Half of the reason for the scramble is because of misinformation. Best put by The Guardian,this is definitely an environment where information and misinformation will spread rapidly.” 

I, myself, am guilty of rushing for toilet paper. Not because I valued it in a crisis, but because that’s what everyone else was doing. Why? Because of the internet. It is notorious for over-exaggeration and misinformation, and now it’s the only form of communication because people are too scared to not be prepared. What a shame that the internet is pretty polluted with a whole bunch of crapola. 

Now don’t get me wrong. Some form of precaution is definitely important. In fact, the right social distancing and always washing your hands is crucial to slowing down the spread.  COVID-19 has already taken over 200,000 lives and  over 3 million have tested positive within the span of around 5 months. 

So everyone needs to do their part to allow hospitals to take care of every COVID-19 patient, rather than having to be selective as some countries have had to do.

I can’t help to notice that COVID-19 quickly turned from a meme to a reality. This entire outbreak has been an inevitable event since public figures have been caught saying young people are “essentially immune” to the virus, or that one day — it’s like a miracle — [COVID-19] will disappear.” That ignorance is a huge reason why this virus has gotten out of control. Suggesting to create injections of disinfectant and people going outside during a crucial period of quarantine — that doesn’t do the job. 

Amidst the crowd of those who have undermined the virus and ignored continuous pleas of social distancing, are those who have gone a little too far in safety measures. I have witnessed constant slippery hands because of an overuse of hand sanitizer. I have witnessed a lack of toilet paper because of the select few who have hoarded. This country is not entirely shut down to the point that you will go to jail if you go outside — that is not what is happening. 

Again, I want to reiterate my point: this is a worldwide pandemic. It is serious. Precautions need to be taken. Social distancing is crucial. Face masks and hand sanitizer are more important than ever. To bring something as unknown as COVID-19 to a screeching halt — it is going to require we take steps out of our comfort zone. It is going to require a community where everyone supports each other and does not downplay, or overplay, this crisis.

This is not doomsday, but it sure as hell is not simply a Democratic hoax. Most people would prefer that the least amount of people die from this crisis. No one can achieve that on either side of this spectrum — not by panicked hoarding or by ignoring. 

If you want to help, I beg you, be informed. Don’t undermine those who cautiously wear masks, but please don’t protect yourself by taking shots of Lysol. Don’t spread propaganda that clearly isn’t true. And if you do believe any statement to be true, back up that claim with proper research. Make sure you are informed.