Get outside and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fight boredom with any of these tactics

The majority of my quarantine has been spent in my room behind my laptop screen or lying in bed for hours. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I really pushed myself out of my house to actually do something. It was hard, but worth it. I know it seems like a ton of effort to just go anywhere, but just sitting in the backyard by myself was incredibly needed. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to experience some thrill and spontaneity. 

Navya Batra / Talon


One of the easiest places to visit right now is the beach. You can go up and down the entire coast to easily find a relatively empty beach, especially since almost all of them are open. Because of the open space, beaches are a great place to take a break from being cooped up inside and take a breath of fresh air. If you are unsure, you can take a look at these guidelines from the CDC of how to stay safe while at the beach. 

If you are still concerned, the CDC has clarified that there is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through water. As long as you’re six feet away from physical contact and other groups of people, you’re perfectly safe. Some beaches you can visit are not as crowded – some of my favorites are Staircase Beach, El Matador Beach and Broad Beach.


Yes, I know. You’ve heard so many times already to go on a hike or a run, but it’s absolutely true. Hiking or just taking a walk on a trail is such an easy and short way to take a moment outdoors. In fact, it’s been proven that exercising outside has restorative effects on your focus. If distance learning has caused you to struggle, taking a walk or hike might help you out. Since most trails aren’t as popular as people walking on the roads, it’s a really easy way to get out of the house for just a short minute. There are so many options that are likely near you or within a 30-minute drive. If you are looking to go somewhere a little different, some amazing trails in Malibu to check out include Topanga Lookout Trail, Lady Face and Escondido Falls, as well as my personal favorite, Solstice Canyon.


Urbex, short for urban exploration, is used for places that are not as crowded. Some popular examples of places people have found for photos are abandoned malls, cool graffiti spots and caves right by the beach. You can go to the ShotHotspot website to find some cool spots other people have already found, or you can do it on your own – Just make sure you aren’t trespassing. 

Something worth doing at least once or twice during quarantine is to get in a car and drive around your own community. Take random turns without a map and find a spot you’ve never been to. Or even better, you can go someplace you’re familiar with and take random turns from there until you find someplace worth exploring. It’s fun, spontaneous and — I promise — very rewarding. 


If you have a free weekend and want to do something with family or a group of friends, I highly recommend camping. California is the state with the greatest number of national parks with nine total: Yosemite, Kings National Park and Joshua Tree to name a few. On top of that, California also has 300 amazing state parks. Most RV sites and campsites are open and you can grab a tent and camp in any of them. Some nearby campsites that are open for camping are the Carpeteria campsites and Malibu Creek State Park sites. However, if you do wish to go camping in any place, you are required to make a reservation and can only book one site for one tent, so be aware of that before you make any plans. 


If all the physical activity is really not your speed, an outdoor picnic is a great opportunity to go outside. You can get takeout from any of your favorite restaurants or grill or cook a meal on your own. Choose an easy trail, lookout spot, or nearby park, grab a blanket, a speaker and food and just sit and relax. If you’re a spontaneous person, you can choose to urbex and find a cool unknown spot and picnic there! Some of my favorite picnic spots are any nearby parks, any of the lookouts on Kanan Road and Mulholland Dr. or any spot right by the beach. 


I know it feels like quarantine and COVID-19 have taken away every aspect of our social life and activity. It’s difficult to find things that are safe and equally fun. But no matter what you choose to do, or who you’re with, any one of these activities are a great way to pass time while getting some Vitamin D.