How to stay fit in quarantine

Home exercises anyone can do

Now that gyms across the country are closing due to COVID-19 pandemic, access to workout machines and weights has been lost by many. But fear not! Keeping active and in shape is possible in the comfort of your own home. 

Calisthenic exercises are ones that utilize body weight and usually don’t require any sort of equipment. That being said, here are some good basic calisthenic training exercises to get that summer bod ready.


Push-ups are an easy exercise that allows you to improve your upper body strength. It is important to always maintain the correct form – a flat back with slow and controlled movements – in order for the exercise to be beneficial. 


Sit-ups gain strength in your core and build your abs. This exercise not only improves your core but can also help with posture.

Jumping jacks 

Jumping jacks allow you to work out your entire body. They get your heart pumping and can be a great form of cardio.


Bodyweight squats allow you to target your legs mainly. Proper form is very important so try doing them in the mirror.

Tiktok dances

Go on TikTok and try to learn some of your favorite dances. Learning these dances will allow you to get on your feet and move your body if you have been laying around all day. Dancing can help improve overall health in all ages and get you moving. Try going to TikTok to get inspiration! 


Walking has been shown to help burn calories and improve moods and overall health. Depending on where you walk, the difficulty is in your control. Always make sure to practice social distancing.