Masks: The New Norm

A showcase of the normality of masks in daily lifestyles

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Since March of 2020, everything deemed a societal norm changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Handshaking became a greeting of the past, replaced with a touch of the elbows. Hugging and showing physical affection was no longer socially acceptable. One of the largest differences, however, was the inclusion of masks into everyday society. 

For the safety of oneself and others, every person is encouraged to wear a mask. Most stores’ policies now include a mandate to deny people from entering if they refuse to wear a mask for the safety of the customers and the employees. 

In the beginning of all of these changes, wearing a mask was a weird concept, but it has now become a part of daily life. When leaving the house, it has become a habit to pick up a mask and always carry it with oneself. In the common American household, one can find masks hanging or sitting at random.

This photo story aims to depict the normality of mask culture. Doing everyday activities with a mask on has become the new norm, which is presented within the simplicity of the photographs. In the post-vaccine future, it is unknown whether mask culture will be a continued effort. What is confirmed, however, is the severity of the current COVID-19 situation and the absolute necessity for all of humanity to continue wearing masks.