Deep Dive Podcast: 2021 Graduation with David Shiang

Emily Francis discusses 2021 graduation possibilities with David Shiang

Emily Francis: Hello and welcome to Deep Dive. My name is Emily and today I’m interviewing David Shiang, a senior member of ASB

Hello, I’m here with David and we are going to be discussing the graduation of the 2021 seniors. So my first question is just can you tell me a little bit about how the decision and discussion process works?

David Shiang: So every time we make a decision in ASB, we talk within our within our grade cabinets, and also our general cabinet. And for something like graduation, which really involves more parents, more faculty, this is a this decision-making process, we get information for the board, information from the principal, and then we take that information, and we discuss it amongst ourselves in order to make what the best decision is for our students.

Emily Francis: And going off of that, what ways are you hoping to get outside input? I know you’ve done a parent survey, is there anything else you guys are hoping to do?

David Shiang: One thing about our team is that we, I mean, we were chosen by our fellow seniors and fellow students on campus. So we really, I think, as a member of ASB, it’s about just asking, asking our friends who are members of a class just about their input and what they think would be best. And obviously, as you mentioned before, the parent’s point of view also matters, too.

Emily Francis: And then I know you guys have come up with some different ideas, how are these ideas created? And like, how do you guys come up with the different possibilities?

David Shiang: So as Mr. Buchanan mentioned in the email there, the three options were having an in-person commencement for us, our senior class being on the field while the families watch from home, then, and the second one would be a hybrid commencement with one of them being in person, and then certain elements being virtual. And then the third one would just be, it’s all virtual, but then we have the, we have the drive-thru. So we kind of thought about, okay, when COVID first occurred, last year at the class of 2020, happened, we just kind of heard, we kind of just talked amongst ourselves about what to do wouldn’t be best to pass I have deemed the best decision for the students. And since COVID, at the time, was really ramping back in back in July, back in June, it was just the best decision to have it be just the drive-thru ceremony, less contact with students, and whatnot. But now that the vaccines being rolled out, and now that cases are going up, the chances of us having in-person graduation are a lot higher, and we are fighting for that.

Emily Francis: And how is the ultimate decision can be made? Like what will that look like?

David Shiang: The ultimate decision it really depends on the Coronavirus. And because we’re still getting the data back from the family survey. So we’re still waiting on that. And ASB wise, we’re still hearing from Mr. Buchanan. And we’re still hearing from the faculty about what to do. So we are trying to fight for in-person commencement. But it really depends on what the families want. Because their input matters a lot and also the school board and Mr. Buchanan and all the data because really, at this, I’d say COVID is the deciding factor.

Emily Francis: And I know we don’t know yet what the decision will be but how do you hope whatever it is received.

David Shiang: is received You mean

Emily Francis:  the decision like how do you hope students and families receive whatever ends up happening?

David Shiang: I would just say I hope that parents I hope that the students there being what suppose that they kind of understand things coming from our perspective, because as another student, I’m, I’m one of many who’s fighting for seniors, to have an in-person but also there’s a huge span of views are about the Coronavirus about what we should even do with the, with the ceremony. So I just hope that whatever decision is finally made people are coming from the point of understanding because understanding that these decisions are not simple to make that these decisions take time and that we are truly doing our best we’re trying to hear from everyone about what to do. I think as long as we come from a point of understanding, then I think everything’s gonna be okay.

Emily Francis: And then what would you like to say to the seniors, you know, who are trying to keep up hope for some part of the senior experience. What kind of thing would you want to say to them?

David Shiang:  I’d say to everyone who’s a senior just hang in there. I mean, we’ve been in this for almost a year now, March 13. Crazy. It’s crazy that the time flies. But yeah, if anyone’s strong, it’s us. We’ve been, we’ve, we haven’t even had the start of we, I mean, the class of 2020 they got to have the first half of their senior year. Yeah, we hopefully will get a second. But just hang in there, guys. We’re doing our best. As as we were trying to fight for you guys, and just keep it going, where everything’s gonna be alright.

Emily Francis: Thank you so much. I really appreciate, you know, answering all my questions. Is there any parting words or anything you know you want to make sure people keep in mind or know about this process as a whole?

David Shiang: Yeah, to all the seniors and fellow parents. We on ASB we’re fighting for you. We are doing what we can for you. And we really want what’s best for our school in our community. And thank you for having me.

Emily Francis: Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Deep Dive, we’ll see you next time.