Deep Dive Podcast: Return to School with Lisa Bregar

Emily Francis discusses the potential return to school in a hybrid model with math teacher Lisa Bregar.

Emily Francis: Hello and welcome to Deep Dive. My name is Emily and today I’m talking with Ms. Bregar about the potential return to school in a hybrid model. 

To start will you just introduce yourself.

Lisa Bregar: I am Lisa Bregar, I teach math and this year I’m teaching math analysis and finite math.

Emily Francis: And then how are you preparing for the possibility of hybrid learning? 

Lisa Bregar: Well, I actually just went in last week and did a technology trial run of what I’m planning to do, and it went pretty well. My classes right now run in three chunks, so essentially we’re 30 minutes live, then they have to watch an edpuzzle video on the new lesson and then there’s a homework assignment. So I tried to make it so that if you use the whole block period, you shouldn’t have a whole lot to do outside of it. But they do have the flexibility to finish or watch the video later if they need it. So the live portion, we review the video they had to watch last time. So I do that through Pear Deck. So when we go back hybrid, the students that are there, they’re not going to have to log in to the Pear Deck for the live session, they’re just going to be able to see it on the smartboard and write everything on paper, like a normal class, and then the students at home will log into the Pear Deck and complete it that way. Then everyone will now be required to at least watch the edpuzzle video before the end of the block period. So then my hybrid students will have to be on their computer just for that chunk. And then the last chunk of class is if they want to start the homework they can, but I actually will encourage them to not, and socialize with whoever’s there. I’m hoping we can go outside and hang out. That part I haven’t worked out I actually have submitted a couple questions about whether or not if we go outside, I mean, I assume at lunch, it’s going to be people all mixed together, so if my students were outside, and there were students from another class outside, as long as they’re distant, can they socialize with one another. Because in reality, the way that AABB works, anyone who’s hybrid, I will only see them one day a week. So I want that, I don’t know anyone who’s not starved for that social interaction and seeing people in person. So I think that last 20-30 minutes, whatever it ends up being that day, should be dedicated to that because I assume anyone who’s coming back hybrid, that’s one of the main reasons they’re coming back as opposed to staying home. So that’s my plan.

Emily Francis: And then how do you feel about returning you know, what are you hopeful for? How are you just feeling about it overall?

Lisa Bregar: Um, I’m excited. I like I said, when I went and did my trial run, even though there weren’t any students, they’re at my desks are arranged, for the most part, I still have to plan some of the sanitizing or those kinds of things. But even though there weren’t any students there, I can just picture having at least a few there. And it just made me feel excited because I’m so tired of this. I missed the connections I have with my students. And even if there’s only going to be three or four there, that’s great, at least, you know, get to meet a few in person and actually said this in another article or whatnot that I got interviewed before, but most people you know, I like math, obviously, but we go into teaching for the connection with the students and I’m still teaching the math, but I’ve really missed that part of it so much. And I do have days where I’m like, Oh, my gosh, this is going to be overwhelming.

Emily Francis: How do you hope students feel and adjust to those who are doing hybrid?

Lisa Bregar: Well, I hope that they know we’re doing above and beyond what we can to make sure everything is safe and that, again, I think most of us really want that socialization part to come back for, for all of you guys, and just know we’re even though you don’t really get to see us, we’re really working so hard, harder than we’ve ever had then this year to try to make everything work as best as we can, even though we’re gonna have half of people at home and half with us.

Emily Francis: And then is there anything else you want to add or you think is important for people to know about the potential return?

Lisa Bregar: I don’t know. I think tomorrow, we’re going and again, I don’t know when you’re putting this out. But we don’t even know if we’re coming back Monday, or I’m sure your teachers have kind of told you that. But we have our prep days in place, but we really don’t know which day we’re actually coming back. So just, I guess, keep on being flexible and showing up as best as you can. And I don’t know. It’s, it’s hard to say how it’s even going to be. That wasn’t really a great answer, but

Emily Francis: no, that was perfect. That’s all the questions that I have. If there’s anything else you want to add, that’s fine. But thank you so much for answering all of my questions.

Lisa Bregar: Yeah, no problem.

Emily Francis: Thank you for joining us today on Deep Dive. We’ll see you next time.