EYE 2 EYE: Pajamas at school?

Pull up with PJs

Pajama-wearing should be normalized at OPHS

By Megan McCoy and Lily Huynh, Senior Staff Writers

Why stress about choosing outfits when you can wear PJs all day? Stressing about picking outfits for the next day is a dreadful process that anyone can relate to. Wearing pajamas is just easier and honestly, more comfortable for students because you roll out of bed and can be on your way to school. Getting ready in the morning is very time-consuming, so why not cut to the chase and wear pajamas! Not only is it the most comfortable option, but it’s also beneficial.

“There are days when I don’t necessarily want to look presentable when it comes to school because I’m too tired or just not in the mood to get all dressed up,” senior Angie Bleau said. 

It’s in everyone’s best interest for the students to be comfortable in class. If they are uncomfortable, it might jeopardize their learning ability in class. If students are asked to come to class and focus, they should be able to wear what they desire. On the contrary, uniforms and dress codes can leave students feeling uncomfortable.

According to wisncnews.com, “Students complain that uniforms are uncomfortable and they feel stifled while wearing them. Kids are always complaining about how bad they are uncomfortable.” Wearing itchy and tight clothes in class can make it difficult for a student to focus on academics.

Wearing comfortable clothes can make people feel relaxed and calm in their environment which can lessen the stress or uncomfortableness that they feel. Being able to lighten the mood with comfort can lead to many achievements. For example, when people get into or feel in an alleviated environment you can see how much more productive people are. The more work that is being done the less stressed people have to feel, and when someone feels less stressed their entire mood eases. 

So why would you take away what works and feels the best?

The bottom line is students learn and focus best when they are comfortable in their own skin. If students are comfortable then they are more able to retain information and learn better. 


Pajamas at school: A fine line between comfort and disrespect

PJs stand for ‘Please Just stop’

By Jasmine Lahooti

Why should students wear something they would typically wear in bed to school? Pajamas are strongly associated with sleeping and relaxing in your house, not for partaking in education. 

Wearing pajamas to school can be a sign of disrespect for the institution that you are attending as it insinuates that it is not worth your time or effort to change and get dressed properly for the school day, for the same reason hats aren’t allowed in class. 

Showing up to school in your pajamas displays not only laziness in getting ready but it sets you up for a relaxed mood in the class. It can decrease your motivation and your overall outlook and attitude towards the classroom environment and learning.

What’s next? Would you wear your pajamas to a school dance? How about your graduation? Why would you dress accordingly for these school-run occasions, but not put forth the same effort for a regular school day? 

If the counterargument is “comfort” then the response is that you can dress respectfully and still be comfortable. Dressing appropriately does not have to be uncomfortable. What happened to the fun process of putting together an outfit and looking your best? 



  • Comfort is important to any outfit
  • The clothes you wear can certainly affect your outlook on the environment you’re in
  • PJs can put one in a more relaxed mood