Profile: New student services and ASB bookkeeper, Loretta Brown

Photo Courtesy of Loretta Brown

Not every new staff member is a new face. Loretta Brown worked as the Registrar and Student Services Assistant at Medea Creek Middle School for the last 10 years and is familiar to a lot of students in Oak Park Unified School District. 

“I worked in the main office and did enrollments, attendance and anything else student-related,” Brown said. “It kept me busy; I loved working there, but it was an exciting time for a change.”

Having already worked in OPUSD, Brown said it was easy for her to adjust to her new position in the Student Store at Oak Park High School. This position was introduced to her 11 years ago when her two daughters played for the High School’s lacrosse team.

“I was a team parent and was in charge of all financials,” Brown said. “I was able to work with [Student Services Bookkeeper] Mrs. [Sandy] Iwanoff to make sure the account was balanced and in good standing.”

Iwanoff retired in the 2019-20 school year. Already interested in the position, Brown was eager to take over.

“The position intrigued me,” Brown said. “I have been watching for an opening ever since I heard a few years ago that she may be retiring soon.”

COVID-19 gave Brown the chance to prepare for the position more thoroughly.

“It has allowed me more time to dive into all the nooks and crannies of this position,” Brown said. “Had COVID not been here, I would have had to …  jumped in a lot sooner and would have needed a life vest to keep me afloat.”

This time also gave Brown the ability to revamp and upgrade programs for the position and come up with new ways that students and parents could make necessary payments to the Student Store safely. 

“I am loving the challenge of learning about the Student Store, understanding all of the accounts and procedures and especially appreciating how much ASB does for this school,” Brown said. “The office is quiet right now which is good, for now but I look forward to the days of having kids at my window.”