OPHS parodical political accounts invade Instagram

#bringbackthemonarchy #whigsnatched #partyof20

This pyramid meme, posted by @ophsfeudalists, depicts Medieval England’s political and social hierarchy, replaced with an image of YouTube gamer Vikram Barn, known as Vikkstar123, at the top (Photo Courtesy of @ophsfeudalists)

Democrats, Republicans, Centrists, Undecided, Whigs, Feudalists, Monarchists, Despotists, Populists, Theologists, a “Monkey Army,” German Leftists and Barbz, superfans of Nicki Manaj.

The political ideologies listed above are some of the few that have been publicized as recent Oak Park High School and student-based Instagram accounts flood the “Follow Requests” and “Suggested for You” tab of OPHS students’ Instagram feeds. The general trend linking these accounts are the username styles, @ophs[political ideology] and the bios containing something along the lines of “Not affiliated/associated with OPHS.”

Although some of these accounts began as serious devices to bring coalitions of similarly politically-minded students together, many parodied these accounts, some of which are explicit in nature. Even some of the genuine political party accounts began to parody themselves. Now, over 20 political parody accounts have been created; several have been deleted for unknown reasons.

This meme was posted by @ophsdemocrats, following the barrage of the other accounts parodying it, endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in a highly saturated image,

“It all started out with two accounts, @ophsdemocrats and @ophsrepublicans … they were beefing, and a bunch of people thought it was funny, so we made mocking account,” the owner of @ophswhigparty wrote to the Talon, who wished to remain anonymous to avoid potential disciplinary action or reputational risk. This account has since been deleted for unknown reasons.

This meme was posted by @ophsconservatives, following the barrage of the other accounts parodying, endorsing President Donald Trump in an image of him in an American-style boxing uniform. (Photo Courtesy of @ophsconservatives)

Account owners of @ophswhigparty and @ophs_undecided_students both described modern-day political conflict as “stupid.” This subject matter is often tackled by comedic media, such as satire news networks like The Onion and shows like NBC’s Saturday Night Live or ComedyCentral’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

“I see a bunch of political things on Instagram, and I just think they’re kind of worthless,” the owner of @ophs_undecided_students wrote to the Talon, who also wished to remain anonymous for the same reasons. “The only people that follow [these accounts] are people who agree with your opinion, so I don’t think anyone’s really being challenged anymore.”

The flood of OPHS spoof Instagram accounts is not the first of its kind. Parody and meme accounts, based in Oak Park and existing prior to this school, have existed in years past.

“It’s fun because we can mess around with the people who are very hardcore and aggressive about this. Stan the Whig Party. Period,” the anonymous owner of @ophswhigparty wrote.


Some of the notable bios, captions and comments of these accounts include, but are not limited to: 

(Note the Talon has decided to omit the account names as to not directly promote them)


“the only freedom comes from our beloved democrat andrew jackson”

In reference to seventh President of the US, Andrew Jackson, a member of the Democratic-Republican Party, succeeded by the modern Democratic Party.


“it is time!!! heed the call of bringing back the monarchy!”
In reference to a country led by a single person with undivided sovereignty, which no longer exists in the western world.


Write in Pope Francis 2020 💪”

In reference to the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.


“some of y’all don’t even stan the whig party and it shows 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄”
In reference to Whig Party of mid-19 century US, using the slang word “stan” to mean to “like a great deal.”


“Cry more libs”

In reference to the slang online multiplayer gaming term Cry Moar” and its other variants, with “libs” being slang for a politically liberal person.


“write in trisha on ur ballots on november third “

In reference to American Media Personality Trisha Paytas, known for her YouTube channel @blndsundoll4mj, which has amassed over 4.8 million subscribers.


“We as Conservatives are not just, ‘Old people,’ as the radical left calls them. We are young as well!”

In reference to the observational correlation between age and conservatism.



In reference to the feudalistic hierarchical branch of serfdom, tenant farmers bound to hereditary plots of lands during Medieval times. The slang word “poggers” is used to express excitement, originating from a specific emoticon on streaming service Twitch. The hashtag refers to TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio, who has amassed over 91 million followers on the application.


“Es ist Zeit für einen Systemwechsel in der Krankenhauspolitik, der sich am Gemeinwohl orientiert und den ökonomischen Druck von den Krankenhäusern nimmt. Der Zweck eines Krankenhauses ist nicht, Profite zu erwirtschaften, sondern die Bevölkerung bedarfsgerecht zu versorgen.”
In reference to the entirely German excerpt on the Die Linke website, German’s The Left party.