OPHS turns into a ghost town

Lunch tables cover the areas surrounding the sophomore lockers, yet there are no students around to sit.

All Oak Park Unified School District’s students were sent home in late March of 2020 due to impending threats of COVID-19. 

Students and staff members left their schools with the hopes of returning after spring break. Seven months later schools are still closed and online learning has become the new normal. 

Oak Park High School has become a ghost town with the eerie emptiness. Where there was once hundreds of students, there are now unused lockers kept shut with zip-ties. Instead of posters and signs for upcoming rallies and events taped on the walls of the C-Building, safety precautions are scattered about. No one is allowed on campus without a mask covering their smile, and caution tape surrounds the office, only allowing access by waiting outside the front office door at a folding table. 

Hopefully, OPHS can regain its livelihood soon, but with COVID-19 still a threat, it seems like it will remain a ghost town for now.

A screen by the gym doors reads, “A problem.” (Aidan Meek / Talon)
Social distancing indicators and signage are placed around the campus. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)








Bushes grow larger and overflow its planter. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
Safety guidelines are displayed on the windows of the College & Career Center. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
Laminated papers hang with tape to show safety guidelines. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)









A sunset falls on the empty high school. (Aidan Meek / Talon)
Abandonded lockers remain open, yet some are closed with zip ties. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
The American flag stays flowing in the wind. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
Safety stickers ensure proper social distancing protocols. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
A pink paper stands out against the tan gym door. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
Caution tape surrounds the main office. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)


Signage is posted with restrictions for who can and can not come on to the high school campus. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
Benches and lunch tables surround Sophomore lockers. (Sophia Lippel / Talon)
The once lively basketball court is empty. (Aidan Meek / Talon)