Seniors receive gifts from their peers by means of a contactless drive-thru

A holiday gift for the class of 2021

Chase Willet, Graduated Senior Staff Writer

The senior gift from ASB placed on the arm rest in between the passenger and driver. (Chase Willet / Talon)

Many events that have traditionally been conducted in person have been adapted to fit the current stay-at-home orders. One such event is the distribution of gifts to the senior class, occurring on Dec. 11.

“In the past, [the senior gift has been] just one item handed out at the rally,” senior and Associated Student Body president Anna Stephens said. “[While] it’s usually just [an] item that can be distributed really easily as people walk into the gym … this year it is going to be multiple items which is exciting.”

To receive the gifts, seniors will follow a process similar to the one used to pick up textbooks earlier this year. The gifts will include a lanyard, an Oak Park High School pennant and a variety of sweet treats.

“People are going to drive-thru the high school parking lot starting at sophomore circle and then pull in through the parking lot towards the gym,”

Photo Courtesy of Anna Stephens

Stephens said. “They should have a number on the drivers side dash of their car. That’s for us to know which bag to give each student. The bags will either be placed in their trunks or they can roll down a window. It will be contactless and COVID-safe.”

Stephens felt that the senior gifts were needed more than ever this year. So, instead of cancelling the gift distribution due to COVID-19 restrictions, ASB worked to bring the seniors these gifts as a gesture of appreciation and understanding.

“This is really just not what any of us were expecting. Although we are making the best of it, it still is difficult. To cheer the senior class up and let them know we are thinking about them, we put together these gift bags as a reminder that we notice you, and we care about you,” Stephens said.