Clue to be performed online by OPHS drama students


Photo Courtesy of Celeste Goldes

Zoom rehearsals for upcoming Clue play.

“It was Professor Plum. With a revolver. In the Billiard Room.”

After nearly 10 months of quarantine, almost everyone has tried to beat their boredom at least once with a board game. Oak Park High School, on the other hand, is using the board game and whodunnit film “Clue” as their next play. 

“The play is a murder mystery about a group of people who are invited to a mansion for a dinner party until someone is murdered, and they have to try and stop the killer,” senior and props/scenic crewmember Paris Logsdon said.

The main cast includes six guests who are being blackmailed into attending the dinner and a butler. As the play progresses, the search for who the murderer is gets more intense with each character having a potential incentive to kill. No one is safe, except the audience who will be watching the play be performed online rather than in-person to avoid the risk of COVID-19. 

“It’s actually being performed over ShowShare, which I believe was made specifically for live-streaming shows, and the scenes will likely be changing through different cast members turning their camera on or off,” Logsdon said.

Auditions for the play were held Jan. 12-13 over Zoom. Everyone who auditioned had to perform a humorous monologue and were later emailed for callbacks, where they were given a  certain character to read for. 

“The auditions were super fun and interactive, and [some of us] got to work with other auditioners during it,” junior Celeste Goldes, who is playing the role of French maid Yvette, said.

For many, this was the first time they had auditioned online. Junior Garrett Wilson, who is playing the role of the butler Wadsworth, felt that the experience brought on new challenges that he never considered. 

“Acting in front of a screen can be pretty difficult since we’re all on for a long time, and it’s easy to lose focus, but once we’re all really into it, it gets much better,” Wilson said.

The play is being put on by Thespian troupe 6074 and Ellyn Shneider, Jordan Schneider and Ashley Sanft. It will be performed on March 20, and the cast and crew can’t wait for it to debut.

“I’m most excited to see everything in action. Having us all feel confident and like this is something we can be proud of,” Wilson said.