For goat’s sake, there’s more brush

Wildfire Prevention Club holds second brush clearing

Alexa Pinon, Staff Writer

The Wildfire Prevention Club held a second brush clearing with 805 Goats. The club brought goats to the Sunrise Meadows area to clear the brush, with the goal of  helping prevent fires due to brush.  

“The goats are still located in Sunrise Meadows Space out by Sunny Crest Drive and Palo Comado trail. Now there are 150 goats, [while] before there were 130. Last time we did around two acres, but now we are going for around three or more acres. We had more funds this time around as well,” junior and Wildfire Prevention Club president Mikayla Kresco said. 

The goats were there for two weeks, starting April 18 and ending April 25. Kresco hopes that people will be able to see the difference from before the goats cleared to after they have left. 

“Since we were able to have that brush clearing and have people come and see them, it really helped us gain some traction. After the first brush clearing, we definitely got an influx in donations, which really helped this time around,” Kresco said. 

It took the club around a year to raise money for the first clearing, and despite frequent social media sharing, the club was still relatively unknown. Kresco believes that people actually being able to see the goats and ask them questions has been  instrumental in their quests for funding.

“I think our club members are really dedicated and devoted so much time and effort. I can tell they really care about fire prevention,” Kresco said. “I am so grateful that we have been able to do the project we have been planning for about a year and a half and it’s so great we are able to spread awareness.”