Varsity boys’ soccer team makes it to CIF playoffs

Team becomes league co-champions

Emerging from the shadows, the Oak Park varsity boys’ soccer team has secured a spot in the CIF playoffs. Blowing through this season, the Eagles have acquired a six game winning streak. 

The team’s last league game on May 5, 2021 resulted in a loss — however, this did not end their season. They tied on points for first place with Camarillo and Moorpark making them co-champions. This is the closest Oak Park varsity boys’ soccer has gotten to going to CIF finals since 2011 and their first league win in 21 years. It is also the first time they have made the playoffs as a member of the Coastal Canyon League.

Coach Pat Otte has worked to lead this team to their victories, focusing on a common goal and encouraging adaptability.

“We’ve had a common objective throughout the group, which has been unity. When moments don’t go our way, we stay clear with our objective to stay within our philosophies and how we play, and when moments do go our way we stay with the same message,” Otte said. “I’m lucky to inherit such a great group of young men, who have made it easy to manage.”  

With almost half of the team made up of underclassmen, there could be a bright future for Oak Park soccer. 

“It’s a young group with tons of potential and talent. [The] future can be bright with this group, with young players from JV ready to move up and join this group. It’s a step in the right direction to changing the mentality at Oak Park boys’ soccer,” Otte said.