Paula Friedman to leave Oak Park High School June 2021

A new journey for Friedman in Austin, Texas


Photo courtesy of Paula Friedman

Paula Friedman holding the University of Texas at Austin college banner, the university is located in the city of her new home.

After almost two years at OPHS, College & Career Center Advisor Paula Friedman will be moving to Austin, Texas.

“I am retiring from OPHS and moving to Austin because my husband Howard and I want to live near his sister and her spouse who have been in Austin for decades AND near my one and only sister and her husband who are relocating to Austin in 2022,” Friedman wrote to the Talon. 

Friedman has been in the field of education for ten years, and has worked in the Conejo Valley for three years.

“I earned my UCLA College Counseling Certificate in 2011 and worked at Newbury Park High School from 2017-2018, Thousand Oaks High School from 2018-2019, and OPHS from August 2019-June 2021. Of these three public high schools in the Conejo Valley, OPHS has been the most rewarding experience and has felt like a home away from home,” Friedman wrote.

At OPHS, Friedman provided many resources to help students gain insight into different career interests through Learn at Lunch workshops, individual career appointments and Career Chats. Friedman works closely with OPHS junior Elena Yan who coordinates Career Chats with guest speakers on the first and third Thursday of each month during the school year.

“Mrs. Friedman has been instrumental in providing more resources for OPHS students to explore their career interests,” College & Career Center Advisor Julie Prince wrote. 

Friedman plans to continue working as a college and career advisor in Austin. 

“I have my own college and career advising practice (The Academic Match, LLC) and will continue to work with a small number of high school students applying to college and/or college students applying to grad school,” Friedman wrote. 

While Friedman is hopeful for the future, she will truly miss the OPHS community. 

“I am excited about living in Austin, but sad to be leaving such wonderful colleagues and friends in Southern California,” Friedman wrote. “I will definitely miss the OPHS students, parents, staff, faculty, & administration and this C&CC Advisor role that has been so rewarding.”