Spirit Week, in photos

Dancing through the decades

Sophia Lippel, Social Media Manager

BREAKING NEWS: Time travel has finally been invented! In order to time travel, all you have to do is dance. At least that’s what the students at Oak Park High School have been doing to go back in time for Spirit Week. 

Monday – the ‘70s – brings groovy pants, funky sunglasses, disco moves, and everything tie-dye; Tuesday – the ‘80s – brings denim wonderland, side ponytails, Michael Jackson songs, and neon scrunchies. Wednesday – the ‘90s – brings flannel jackets, bucket hats, “Friends” quotes, and baggy overalls. Thursday – the ‘00s – brings low-rise jeans, grunge jackets, way too much layering, and glossy lipstick. Friday – returning students to the present day – brings a sea of blue, yellow, green, and white, just in time for the first rally of the year. 

“It was so cool to finally dress up again for spirit days and see everyone else dressing up. This was probably my favorite spirit week ever,” Senior Michelle Gilman told the Talon.