TikTok stars should be allowed at the Met Gala

Generation Z brings a whole new meaning to the term “celebrity”


Olivia Wollman / Talon

Sophia Lippel, Social Media Manager

My mom is a huge fan of bad Netflix rom-coms. Something about cheesy love stories and cringey jokes trying to hit it in with the modern generation just gives her ultimate happiness. Another fun fact about my mom: one of her favorite movies of all time is She’s All That. So, imagine her excitement when it was announced that Netflix would be making a She’s All That remake titled He’s All That. When the movie finally came out she forced my dad and I to watch it with her. She did not like it. 

There were a lot of reasons my mom didn’t like this movie, which is saying a lot considering my mom thinks the Kissing Booth movies are heaven-sent. However, the main reason my mom hated the movie was the acting, which was led by Addison Rae Easterling, a Louisiana-born TikTok sensation with over 84 million followers. Now, at one of the most prestigious events, alongside the Chalamets and the Kardashians and the Gagas, stands Rae.

The way the Met Gala works is through companies or fashion designers buying out tables. The tickets are super expensive, listed at $35,000 for a single ticket in 2019; so, most of the time celebrities don’t pay for their own tickets. The companies or fashion designers invite them to take one of their seats at the tables they bought in exchange for wearing their clothes, designs, etc. Despite the fact that companies or fashion designers are the ones to invite celebrities to fill their tables, they still have to submit their seating chart to Anna Wintour, chairwoman, and co-host of the Met Gala, to look over. 

On Sept. 13, Rae, along with fellow TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, were in attendance at the Met Gala. Rae’s invite was credited to Youtube while it’s still unclear who exactly invited D’Amelio. Both women immediately faced backlash for their attendance and for a week after the Met Gala I couldn’t go through one class without someone bringing the topic up. 

Quarantine has left everyone bored, and to cure this boredom, many turned to social media. Doing so has allowed social media’s influence on society as a whole, specifically kids and teenagers, to take over. It’s obvious enough when you walk through the school halls and see multiple kids referencing the latest viral TikToks and trends in day-to-day conversations. Social media has been growing steadily for a while, but quarantine has certainly boosted its growth into something that is a staple in life and society. 

The Met Gala brings together celebrities and for the most part, brings together the hottest celebrities of that year. For the past few years, these top celebrities have been actors and singers. But, as Elon Musk hosts SNL with the only fame he has been attributed to his wealth, it’s obvious the definition of celebrity has changed. 

Even though Rae and D’amelio may not be poised actresses or world-class singers, they too, are considered global celebrities. When you Google “celebrity” the definition that comes up is “the state of being well known,” as is defined by Oxford Languages; both girls do have millions of followers on multiple different social media platforms meaning they are well known. You may not like it, but TikTok stars are celebrities at the end of the day. 

I spent my middle school days obsessing over One Direction and Harry Styles, but now I hear my 13-year-old brother complaining about girls in his grade obsessing over Vinnie Hacker and Bryce Hall. The Met Gala is an event for celebrities and those who are at the top of the social structure and as of right now TikTok stars are, if not getting there, at the top of the social media hierarchy.