Profile: New Girls’ Tennis coach, Adam Nielson

Nielson sets lofty goals for season


Bing Heine-Van Fossen/Talon

Nielson trains a student with some back and forth play.

Coach Adam Nielson, the newest addition to the Oak Park High School tennis family, has been teaching Physical Education for 20 years and tennis for 30 years. Nielson also coached sports outside of Physical Education, such as soccer and basketball. In 2010, he even led his team to win the Independent Catholic Youth Association Championship in Basketball. Although he is currently teaching PE at Brookside Elementary School, high school is a new challenge for him. 

“I grew up with tennis. When I was 4, my dad was a tennis coach,” Nielson said.

Nielson’s coaching history goes back to when he was an 18-year-old tennis player at Cal Lutheran. After college he coached at clubs such as Rivera and Pacific Palisades, then he coached pro level players that reached a scholarship level. Nielson expressed his delight to be coaching tennis at OPHS.

“It’s a great high school because I agree with what they stand for. They stand for creating passionate, creative and caring individuals,” Nielson said.

Nielson has strong goals set for the season.

“The goal this year is to make sure the girls understand to be responsible, to show up, to be respectful and be a good sport,” Nielson said. 

Nielson stresses an emphasis for the girls  to grow as well as have a good team bond. He wants to make sure the team can do their best to move forward with a proper mindset as well as athleticism. 

“He’s really focused on our success and is excited to work with us in the future,” said freshman varsity tennis player Joy Chu.

“The three P’s which are Preparation, Poise, and Pride. Pride means pride in your school and if you don’t show up, then you don’t have pride in your school. You have to make sure you show up and give me the best effort every time,” Nielson said.