The hoodie wins again

A dive into the real reason we can’t put our favorite hoodie to rest


Porter Nicoll / Talon

Hannah Levy and Haley Bandemer

The fashion equivalent of comfort food, hoodies are familiar and dependable, eliciting the feeling of home with every wear. All sweatshirts have an origin story. The perfectly symmetrical drawstrings and that ever-soft inside make slipping on a hoodie feel like a sigh of relief. They are a support system made of fabric, providing ways to express ourselves, transitioning beyond the preconception of lazy loungewear. 

 The hoodie is something you always come back to, whether it’s exam day, 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside or you’re fresh out of the shower, as there is a gravitational pull that lures us towards it. Sure, we could all head over to Target and grab the first pullover we lay our eyes on, but most of us don’t. And you know why — it’s just not the same as our favorite one encompassed with sentimental value. 

The experience of wearing hoodies accomplishes a “transformation into an element of style” that reminds us of something special, according to The New York Times Magazine. From the merch of your favorite creator or the concert hoodie that’s on its last leg, to your parent’s old college frock, there is an emotional element that contributes to that magic-happy feeling of comfort. Being wrapped in a memory makes us feel safe, confident, and at ease. 

While by definition, hoodies can be categorized as loungewear, why should we pack them into a box which limits their potential?  There’s no need to restrict hoodies to mere practicality — rather, they serve as a blank canvas to show off what we care about. From the intricate graphic designs and powerful messages displayed, the artwork that decorates each of our beloved hoodies is a means of representing our unique preferences. What we wear is a choice, sharing the story of who we are, what we care about, and what highlights our sense of style. 

Look around at your surroundings. Are there special characters on a hoodie nearby? A celebrity? A passionate statement? Now notice the color. While black often seems like a safe option, hoodies allow us to explore the vibrancy of various color palettes within our own range of comfort — what Vogue quotes as the  “magic combination of purpose and personality.”