Bring back shade

Do you find pleasure walking around in excessively high temperatures?

Southern California has the perfect weather, right? Wrong. While the weather is favorable most months of the year, it can be a struggle during others. The abnormal heat is unbearable during peak months of school and frankly, it needs to be addressed. There needs to be more shading installed across campus, specifically on the walkway behind the I-building. 

With few classrooms open everyday at lunch, students sit at the tables scattered around campus, although on a sunny day in California with no shade, it gets extremely agitating. Reason being, as you talk with your friends the sun beats down and does not cause for a good time. Having the shade we need provides coverage from the sun and will make being outside much more enjoyable. 

Oak Park High School is bigger and is thus allocated more resources from the district, yet Medea Creek Middle School has more shade. There are tarps above a large percentage of the middle school. Although it could stand to have more shade, as well, the high school is lacking severely. The freshman and sophomores are the most impacted since they are the ones who transition out of the refreshing middle school campus to this incredibly uncomfortable one. Making matters worse, these two grade levels cannot leave campus at lunch. 

While there are open classrooms for students to eat lunch in, the shade issue is still prevalent for passing period times and generally speaking, students enjoy being outside while permitted to do so. Since this is the case, we should add tarps similar to those in the middle school along the walkway from the G building all the way to the I building. This way, the students may appreciate the extra coverage when they roam around the campus.