Reviewing the new “Batman” movie

A three-hour nap


ActionVance / Unsplash

Megan McCoy and Sophie Silvers

Before watching “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson, I remember thinking about how I managed to get dragged into watching another Batman movie. There are some well-known Batman movies such as “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Batman vs. Superman,” even the hit Batman series “Gotham.”  So what else could they possibly add to the story? Simply put, not much at all. 

To begin, the introduction scenes of the movie were dark and mysterious which was suitable. However, Batman introduced himself as “vengeance” which is disappointing because everyone, including myself, was hoping for his famous “I’m Batman” line. Even the murmurs from the crowd sounded disappointed and confused; that just gave the movie a bad start.

In stark contrast, the shots were beautiful. The shots and rolls of Gotham city really set the aurora for the movie. The cinematography captured the rainy, coldness that every DC fan loves to see portrayed within Gotham City. 

One of the most prominent issues was the actor who played Catwoman during the movie. Although some may argue she was a perfect fit, I strongly disagree and say that Zoe Kravitz is nothing compared to Cameron Bicondova in “Gotham.” I will admit that her suit was absolutely gorgeous, although the actress inside could have done a much better job. Throughout the movie her emotions were almost overwhelming to watch. Instead of trying to save the flooded city, Selina charms her way toward Batman’s direction as he tries to help her out. 

Another character that surprised me was the actor, Colin Farrell, who played the classic Batman villain, the Penguin. Although he was not the worst actor during the movie, he lacked the perfect personality of the Penguin played by Oswald Cobblepot. Farrell’s fear of Batman superseded its limits from the past and made it feel as if he did not ever want to defeat or overcome Batman. His fear was very easy to notice and they could have made him much tougher, despite not being the real villain in the end. 

Although this is all true, the absolute best actor from the film was Pau Dano, the man who played the real villain, the Riddler.There were also some very action-packed scenes that got fans out of their chairs. For example, the scene such as Bruce using his bat-wingsuit to escape from the cops which resulted in him crashing into the ground. This scene not only brought action but humor along with it. It was not as though the entire movie was horrendous, but the most important scenes felt as though they could have had more. 

Overall, this new Batman movie didn’t add much to the typical plot and could be described as repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, Robert Patterson and Zoe Kravitz are outstanding actors during other cinematic shows and movies, however, the plot was vanilla, and even with the three-hour interval, I feel as if more action could have been added. Even the ending was disappointing. This movie was unable to show the true characters’ abilities to be superheroes and supervillains which caused them to fail at showing their individual traits. “The Batman” may have been the worst Batman movie to date, as it  felt like it was more based upon the classic characters’ looks and persona and not what they are actually capable of.