Students turn to ping pong to relieve stress

Ping pong tables added to OPHS campus


Abi Chadwick, Staff Writer

There has been an advancement in the open space of the Oak Park High School campus: the inclusion of ping pong tables near the Student Store. 

“I like to play during Nutrition and Lunch everyday with friends, and friends of friends,” sophomore Aidan Gallagher shared.  “It’s a lot of friendly competition between people 

I know.” 

This school year’s all-new recreational activity has allowed students to ‘play hard’ in between working hard during class, while drawing a great deal of attention from students and staff members. 

“It has been so much fun to spend time with friends and to play ping pong,” freshman Tobi Kumapayi said. “As an incoming freshman, I didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoy this campus.” 

Ping pong can be played by people of all ages, which makes it a perfect addition to any middle or high school campus. According to Corneille AU, playing ping pong stimulates concentration and assists students in their analytical skills.  

“Playing definitely helps me focus, and I am able to take my mind off schoolwork for a while,” Gallagher stated. 

According to OPHS assistant principal, Jason Meskis, the addition to campus created a space to play and have a fun distraction from high-level classes. As well as being a way to relax, ping pong has been proven to increase attentiveness.

“The goal of this activity was to have kids have more fun on campus,” Meskis said. “We want the kids to interact with each other, especially coming out of COVID-19.  We wanted to build the community up again.”

Medea Creek Middle School has also included ping pong tables into their recreational spaces. After Medea Creek garnered a considerable amount of positive attention with the tables, Meskis proposed that the same be done in OPHS. 

“I like the ping pong tables, they’re really fun,” Kumapayi said.  “Ever since they came, we have been playing every day.”