Second Semester Events

All about the Pippin play, Vice, the rally, and spirit week

Oak Park High School’s second semester has been one to remember, with events from Pippin, the Winter Rally and spirit week, and don’t forget the Studio 22 dance as highlights. These events have been allowed to operate mask-free, which has been a change of pace for the OPHS community in a post-COVID-19 world.

There has been a transition back to a fully in-person school environment this school year, which has made the events that have taken place new to almost half the student population. The first semester was all about reconnection between students and teachers. After this development, it’s time to end the year on a good note.

The Pippin play brought backlight to the theater world of OPHS. A play full of colors and an amazing story is exactly what the school environment needed to break into semester two. Not only that, but Pippin was the first play at OPHS with a live band playing; it really brought the soundtrack to life.

“The whole experience was super fun, being able to meet new people and make music over so many different styles,” freshman Ethan Shmorak said. “Drumming in the Pippin Pit orchestra really made my semester 2 due to all of the fun and fond memories I had from it.”

Studio 22, the OPHS spring semester dance, was a magical night full of lights, music, dancing, good food, and fun.

“I had such a fun time with all my friends,” junior Dylan Miller said. “It was nice having an indoor dance again and being able to see everyones’ faces.”

The rally and spirit week were adapted and executed for the first time without masks since the start of COVID-19. Students were able to scream and shout for their classmates on rally day as the classes competed in games.

“I love our school environment during our events,” junior Zoey Mortazavi said. “This semester was so much fun — it made things feel normal again and I can’t wait for next year.”