Campus vandalized with forks, cheese, mashed potatoes, toilet paper and Vaseline

Herberg: “I had to flick cheap American cheese off my door, and I thought to myself, ‘there’s a prank for ya!’”

Minnoli Nori, News Editor


The so-called “Senior Prank” is a yearly tradition for OPHS seniors. The whole point of the Senior Prank is to have fun and let loose after a stressful academic year — or years. 

However, on the night of Wednesday, May 11, individuals wearing ski masks and oversized hoodies came to campus, sticking forks into the Great Lawn. In addition to this, Vaseline was smeared onto classroom doorknobs and windows and door locks were jammed with foreign objects. 

Slices of cheese were also plastered around campus, including bushes, teachers’ doors, and the College and Career Center. The group of students also toilet-papered – “TP’d” – multiple trees near the Great Lawn and the i–Building. 

Also, according to Principal Mat McClenahan’s StudentSquare post “A few students also took a golf cart and drove it around campus.” 

Then came the costly pranks. 

“We found objects inserted into the keyholes of multiple rooms,” Maintenance Engineer Oscar Jimenez said. “Students couldn’t get into their classrooms and the objects had to be pried out. We had to go all around the campus to the H, C, F and B Buildings.”

According to McClenahan’s StudentSquare post, these “objects” were predominantly wood pieces that were forced into keyholes, resulting in damage worth hundreds of dollars in labor costs. 

Maintenance Engineer Chris Walthall stated that while the entrance to the Pavilion also had pieces of wood stuck in its keyholes, it would be the last place they fix.

“The Pavilion will be the last place we go to because the students have [AP] testing,” he said. “We are not going to interrupt them.”

This is a developing story.