What are seniors doing now?

What happens during the summer before college?

Graduation is over, college decisions have been solidified, prom and grad night have ended. The summer between graduation and college is a summer of mystery. Are students preparing for college? Or are they finally taking this time to sit back and relax?

“Every summer has been hectic for me starting from the beginning of freshman year. This summer I was able to spend time with my family and friends and prioritize hanging out with people. It felt amazing,” Anusha Rao, class of 2022 graduate said. 

It would be expected that since graduation, students would have no more work to do. No more high school summer work to complete, no more preparing for Advanced Placement classes. However, Rao did not take that route.

“I’ve been taking programming courses so I’m prepared for school next month. I feel like if I don’t come in armed up I’ll fall behind. Nobody talked about how much stuff you have to do before entering a UC college. I’ve had to fill out forms for drugs and alcohol and I have 4 courses to take on financial wellness. It’s a lot,” Rao said. 

As graduates move into their summer break, there are many ways they can maximize their time to become prepared for college. Nine steps to achieve before entering into college are to review academic content, complete summer reading, attend orientation, connect with classmates, create a financial plan, make some money, update a resume, prepare for dorm life and close the chapter on high school. 

“Though students may see summer as all fun and games and there should be plenty of that, too – it’s also time to lean into their future. Incoming freshmen unsure of how to use the summer before college should check out the tips below to make the most of that transition,”  U.S. News said. 

The summer days pass by and we see many new incoming college freshmen preparing to start their next chapter in life, doing their best to prepare for college while also trying to enjoy their summer. There are various methods these incoming freshmen are going through to get themselves ready.

“This summer I was mainly trying to enjoy it before heading out to college. I really wanted to hang out with my friends and also take all necessary classes to prepare myself for college,” Charissa Shang, class of 2022 graduate said.