Back to School Night: Back in person

First time in person since 2019

For the first time in three years, Oak Park High School’s Back to School Night is in person. However, it’s also principal Mat McClenahan’s first in-person BTSN.

I am very excited about having BTSN in person this year. As we all know, you can get a lot done through video conferences, but there is a different energy and connection when we are in the same room” McClenahan said.

With COVID-19 still going on, there were precautions to take to keep everyone safe.

“The current precautions are to strongly recommend masking and to remind people with symptoms consistent with COVID not to attend.” McClenahan said.

While the normal is not back to what it was, we’re taking steps every day towards creating a new, sustainable normal.

“The big picture that I am looking forward to is a lot of learning. I am so happy to see so many smiles on students’ and teachers’ faces,” McClenahan said.