Senior Sunrise: The start of the senior activities

Was waking up that early really worth it?

As the sun rose on Aug. 29, the senior class was bundled up on the football field with blankets, coffee and doughnuts. Senior Sunrise is the kickoff to the senior activities for this year. Many of the seniors said they have been looking forward to an event like this. For many, this starts the fun of senior year with an assortment of events to follow.

This event was run by the Oak Park High School ASB, who put a lot of effort into this event. ASB students who operated this event ran into many problems on their way; they had to boil the coffee themselves at 5 a.m. and pick up the doughnuts, frantically trying to solve problems that they had not been ready for.

After acquiring the warm coffee and doughnuts, ASB students had to set up tables in the dark. The senior members were happy to greet the rest of the senior class with the coffee and doughnuts they were finally able to get, along with enthusiastic spirits and smiles. 

“We hoped that everyone would have fun and get there in time before it was already light out,” senior class treasurer Ella Thompson said. “And I would say my favorite part was seeing everyone’s hands painted on the board.” 

As many of the attendees know, most of the seniors were up by 5 a.m. to get ready and go watch the sunrise, but many said they made the most of it.

“I thought it was really fun getting to wake up early and sit on the field with all of my friends,” senior Nina Russillo said. “Having Senior Sunrise made the day seem as if it wasn’t a Monday morning, and was a terrific way to start the week.”

Because students left to go to breakfast in the morning, many had mixed feelings about the sunrise. The time threw off some seniors since it was early on in the school day. Others were super ecstatic about being there and were ready to enjoy the moment with their friends. 

“I feel like it was made out to be this grand event, but we were all just sitting on the field. It also felt really early just because that was the only day without zero period,” senior Emma Johnson said. “It was definitely fun to hang out with my friends, but I feel like if more people were there it would have seemed more like a senior event.” 

Overall, as a kickstart to all the senior events, Senior Sunrise was described as being a calm and relaxing event. Since there were not as many students as there were last year, it was a small, tight-knit group of seniors there to enjoy the sunrise.

Overall, the start of all the senior events, Senior Sunrise, was said to be a calm and relaxing event. Since there were not as many students as there were last year, it was a smaller, tight-knit group of seniors who created a peaceful sunrise.