Spirit week and homecoming

School spirit and fun and more to come for the 2022-2023 OPHS school year


As returning and incoming students come back and prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, some of the most exciting parts of the year are the spirit weeks and homecoming football games. 

On Sept. 27, with the “Toes Out Tuesday” theme, students came to school with open-toed shoes – some students even chose to show up barefoot. The following day, students participated in the theme “Athletes versus Mathletes,” where students and staff members dressed up as either super sporty athletes or mathletes. Thursday was tacky tourist day, where students dressed up as the cheesiest, most noticeable tourists they could. Finally, on Friday, the first rally was held; this was the first pep rally back indoors since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. All OPHS grade levels squeezed together on the bleachers last week to experience what a real rally indoors looks and feels like. Each grade brought cheers, chants, and competitive spirits to the gymnasium to celebrate the first rally back. 

Later in the night, OPHS football prepared to play Agoura High School in the homecoming game. The marching band played their instruments loudly in the stands while the OPHS varsity cheer team performed stunts, leaving the crowd in awe. As half-time commenced, teachers D.J. Cook and Jennifer Hankins dressed like magical characters to announce the OPHS homecoming court for the 2022-2023 season. The winners marched down a red carpet to a podium where they received their crowns. Finally, the homecoming court for the senior class of 2023 announced JD Baumann and Derica Chiu as homecoming king and queen. The couple rode away in a horse-drawn carriage to end half-time. The Eagles soared to victory over the Agoura Chargers, concluding the game with a 27-0 score. On Oct. 1, students dressed up for the homecoming dance; the theme this year was “Enchanted Forest.” Students gathered to enjoy the festivities that finalized spirit week as the gym lit up with magical fairy lights.