Club Spotlight: Jewish Student Union

An area for Jewish and non-Jewish students to educate themselves

The Jewish Student Union club is open to all students regardless of being Jewish or not. Jewish students are given a space to enjoy and discuss their heritage with their peers while non-Jewish students are able to learn more about Judaism as a whole.

JSU has been at Oak Park High School for years and has gone through several rounds of club officers. One of the current club officers is junior and Secretary Danielle Almog.

“The goal of the club is to provide a safe space for Jewish kids to come and hang out, or if you’re not Jewish, to learn about Judaism,” Almog said.

The club’s activities vary from week to week, from presentations given by the officers to the discussions they facilitate.

“Every week we have something else. We have certain weeks where it’s games or certain weeks where it’s food. Along with discussions or videos,” Almog said.

JSU fosters a space for students to feel comfortable with their identity and for others to learn more about said identity.

“People take away information about Judaism they wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to. Jewish students are also able to make so many friends they have a strong connection with,” said Almog.

The club also hosts Rabbi Mendy from the Westlake Chabad every week to participate in discussions and educate the students.

“My goal within the club is to create a space for Jewish students within their school for them to feel more confident in their Jewish identity,” said Rabbi Mendy. “I feel like there’s a lot of Jewish students who aren’t comfortable talking about the fact they’re Jewish. So I’d like to help by creating a space in school for them.”