Stunt kicks off the new year with season tryouts

Looking forward to a great season


Natalie Baghdanian and Sarah Manley

Oak Park High School held tryouts for the spring 2022-2023 stunt team the first week of November. Whether experienced or completely new, all OPHS students were encouraged to attend the tryouts. 

“Everybody is welcome to come; we’re more than happy to teach everybody and anybody, regardless of gender,” said senior Sofia Gibbons, who is a main/side base on the team. 

Tryouts consisted of three different days, which allowed them to practice many different skills that were necessary to excel in the sport. 

“We had two workshop days where they came in and I taught them counts,” said Stunt Head Coach Samone Rankins. “They had three different routines that they could learn depending on what their skill level was. We had a beginner, intermediate and advanced routine. They got to pick their own stunt groups out, and we worked on technique, counts and making sure all their skills were clean.”

Tryouts also served a greater purpose for the coaching staff. 

“It was also a benchmark for me, to see where my team is starting off with as a whole, and to be able to benchmark throughout the season the skills that they progressed with the training,” said Rankins. 

Not only does the tryout set the tone for the season, but the team as well. 

“We are a very workable team this year, with a lot of positivity compared to last year,” said Gibbons. “From the new coaching style to the new environment that we have, it’s a stronger team this year compared to last year.”

Their first practice was held Nov. 9 in the weight room in preparation for a busy season. 

“November, December and January is us just building our bodies up and training. Then, our first games start at the end of February,” said Rankins.

In order to produce results, stunt must receive enough funding for their athletes, however they can’t do it without the help of OPHS families. 

“Just continue to help us spread the word when it is time for us to fundraise and show up to games,” said Rankins. “That’s just to make sure we pay for our coaching staff and get adequate training.”

Stunt encourages everyone to appear at all of their games. If you are interested in supporting the team, be sure to attend the home game against Simi Valley High School on March 22, 2023 in the gym. 

You can stay up to date with the stunt team by following their Instagram, schedule, website and TikTok